Brief from the customer

To supply a bespoke 1650kVA prime rated diesel generator to synchronise with the existing generators on site


United Kingdom

Equipment Provided

1650kVA Prime rated Diesel generator


JS Power supplied a custom designed and bespoke 1650kVA Diesel generator set, which conformed to the space available on site.

Starting the design from scratch the engine and alternator was designed to sit on top of the day fuel tank with all the control, ancillary systems and breakers moved around to provide the most effective use of the available space, which also had to include a 100l lube oil top up system, a duplex automatic fuel transfer system with duel motorised fuel valves and other ancillary equipment.

With limited room inside the container the generator had to be designed with a remote, roof mounted radiator system. With wanting to avoid noise issues with their neighbours the client stipulated the generator had to achieve a noise level which beats the European standard (85db(a) @ 1m) even with the remote radiator system.

With the space on site limited, the air inlet & outlet had to be designed to work from one side only of the container which has been designed and built using motorised louvers and a forced air system.

Then came the exhaust. In order to fit everything onto the roof area, the exhaust system was designed with the silencers going vertically up which reaches up to a height exceeding 8 metres.

With access required on the roof for routine maintenance and for coolant replenishment, a safety ladder and hand rail system was designed to achieve health and safety requirements.

Transporting such a generator from our production facility required that the generator be taken apart in manageable sections and then re-built on site.

  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ISO 14001 registered
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Made in Britain