Brief from the customer

Supply a 250kVA Diesel generator that helps keep a financial centre operating throughout a power cut and the rest of their day.


United Kingdom

Equipment Provided

250kVA Prime rated Sisu Diesel generator 
24hr base tank


Working with the client, an electrical installation and facilities management company, JS Power was asked to provide a 250kVA diesel generator with an extended run time base tank and that will work with the clients existing equipment already installed on site.

Using the Sisu 74CTAG engine driven 250kVA generator, with a 24-hour base tank, the system was delivered, installed and commissioned all within the space of 12 hours. Working closely with the client, JS Power assisted in the removal of their old ‘hired’ generator and assisted in the installation of the new set.

The generator set has been installed on a major financial centre’s data centre to ensure that any mains failures have the minimum of disruption on site.

JS Power engineers helped the client to understand the operation of the existing transfer panel on site and the way the panel can be modified in the future. The system currently acting as a fully automated system can be quickly modified into an automatic start, manual return system should the end client wish.

The benefit of this type of system is particularly useful when a large number of computers and other equipment (including the telephone system) is not UPS backed. The generator would run even if the mains has returned and is healthy. A benefit is that during normal working hours, only one interruption in power will affect the office. Once the office is closed, the system can then be returned to the mains.

  • CE Marking
  • ISO 9001 registered
  • ISO 14001 registered
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • Made in Britain