Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our diesel, biodiesel generators and services.

What size Generator do I need?

This is a very important question with lots of answers. There are many variables which dictates the size of generator you may need. Different loads i.e. motors, UPS, heating and machinery can mean starting currents need to be factored in. JS Power take the time to find out what your power requirements through their Electricity Monitoring service so you get the right equipment.

What does UK Built actually mean?

When you buy a product that is “Made in Britain” and is for use in the UK it must be built and tested to legal requirements. The letters “CE” are the abbreviation of French phrase “Conformité Européenne” which literally means “European Conformity”. CE Certification is the manufacturer’s declaration and proof that the equipment is compliant with current legislation whether that be protection or noise directives. Also, another important note is over 200 litres in the Generator base tank must be fully bunded and have a DEFRA approved alarm system. Buying a generator without a fully bunded base tank means you must build a bunded wall to catch any leakage which can be very expensive.

Do you offer a full design consultancy service?

Yes. As part of our service to our clients we want to make sure that once the equipment is installed it works first time. To ensure this we produce full electrical drawings of our equipment and document the sequence of events so you know that when you have a power interruption, your business is safely protected.

Can you look after our equipment once installed?

At JS Power Limited, we pride ourselves in giving a 100% commitment to our clients no matter what size equipment you have. Our in-house service department will take control and through planning ensures your equipment is in tip top condition all the time.

Is bespoke more expensive than stock?

No, it’s the opposite. Our equipment is designed for your application meaning that a tailored solution offers the best package. If you buy a stock generator set you may need to adapt your requirement to suit. At JS Power, we ensure the right components are selected from types of engines and alternators to different control panels to accommodate BMS / Alarm signals

What experience do JS Power Limited have?

We have in the past supplied advice and equipment to every possible sector both in the UK and overseas. Our technical and service division have over 60 years combined experience. We do love a challenge so whatever your requirement we have probably got a solution, if not we will find one that is right and the most cost effective it can be.

Do you offer Finance?

In today’s world money is always a major factor in considering buying a backup or prime power solution. We work with various Finance Partners to offer a package tailored to your business. If you are a UK limited company, then we can help. Take a look at our Finance page for more information.

Can I see my equipment working before its installed?

This can certainly be arranged. At our Head Office, we have the facilities to set-up your designed package and using our in-house load banks we can simulate what will happen to your premises in the event of a power problem.

Do you offer Commissioning and Training?

It’s compulsory! We do not just sell equipment and say thank you. We ensure that when the equipment is installed our own in-house engineers will attend the site to fully commission and test as many times as required. We provide various levels of training depending on how involved with the equipment you want to be. Some clients like to know the full ins and outs and other just the basics as they depend on our Service department.

I just want to know my equipment is ready for action how can you assure this?

Two words. Remote Monitoring. Our Service department can remote monitor your equipment no matter where in the world it is. Using our proven Netbiter system your equipment is constantly being monitored and if any problems arise or, your generator “Thinks” it may have a problem, it will email our engineers and let us know. Depending on Service Levels agreed our engineers will respond straight away and fix the issue, even if we suspect a problem may occur.

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