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These engines in this range of canopied and open set generators have been added to our 3-Series – the models are JSPD 20kVA, 30kVA, 42kVA and 60kVA. Along with the normal high quality of all our generators, there are a number of other Deutz engine benefits which customers may like to consider.


The key is the oil as it naturally prevents corrosion of the engine. This leads to:
Lower maintenance requirements and therefore reduction in running costs.
No internal engine corrosion. Cooling water can be corrosive to the engine and must contain a rust inhibitor whereas oil naturally helps to prevent internal corrosion.
There is no need for two separate housing units for water and oil as the oil acts as both a lubricant and a coolant.
The engine has a very high ambient temperature clearance which exceeds 50°C.
Engine can be made more compact.

Other Advantages

Cold start facility with automatic governing – cold start performance up to -30°C.
Accessible service points – easy & quick maintenance accessibility.
Minimal maintenance expense.
Excellent mass balancing of the crankshaft.
Smooth running characteristics.
Longevity for engine life and high reliability.
Closed crankcase breather.
Engine compartment stays clean and the environment will be protected.

We offer a full turnkey power solution from design, installation to full maintenance for life! All our generators carry the Made in Britain accredited badge for peace of mind that they have been designed and tested to the highest standards.

Any questions please contact us on 01482 222 565, you can also explore other diesel generators here. Our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss all available options for your project.




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