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At JS Power we pride ourselves on supplying the perfect emergency backup or prime powered diesel generator – on time, every time. We offer a full turnkey power solution from design, installation to full maintenance for life!

Our 2 series – 6.6kVA  9.5kVA, 15kVA, 22kVA, 35kVA and 45kVA single phase diesel generators are designed for applications such as offices, schools, agriculture where a single-phase supply is required.

All our generators carry the Made in Britain accredited badge for peace of mind that they have been designed and tested to the highest standards.

Technical specification sheets are listed below for each model and are available to download. Any questions please contact us on 0800 294 1777 our friendly team will be pleased to assist you or view our other diesel generators to find out more information.




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 Invaluable additional services such as Load bank testing and Remote Monitoring