Thinking About… Buying A New Generator?


There are many generator ranges available on the market with varying price tags attached so how do you choose which power option will suit your needs best? Do you buy commercial off-the-shelf or go bespoke? Most generators are a life-time investment, some provide power for critical services such as data centres, healthcare, banking and emergency services. Generators therefore need to be reliable and have the ability to perform. Each power requirement is different therefore you need to find a company that can provide the perfect solution for your needs. Bespoke does not have to be more expensive, it could mean a slight alteration to the design to fit a unique space on a site. Before you make your choice on how and where you buy, you may wish to consider the following.


Whether continuous or standby power, an assessment should be carried out to determine what the power requirement will be. Buying a generator which is too big can be just as damaging as buying one that is too small! Explore the company case studies and ask for references. Look at the fine print, especially the Warranty, what does it guarantee? Do you have to refer back to the manufacturer of the engine and various parts or is it all dealt with by the Company you made the purchase through? Are spare parts easily obtainable? Ask about their after-sales service, do they have a technical service team that is available 24/7 if needed?


By ensuring you are buying quality parts you are also ensuring longevity. Soundproof canopies are great but won’t last long if they are prone to rust! JS Power canopies are seamless so protect from all weathers. Generators are dangerous, if not used and wired/earthed correctly they can endanger life. Always buy a generator which bears the CE mark and ask for this certification and relevant ISO certificates. It should also have a DEFRA compliant bunded fuel base tank. If the company cannot provide this then the generator should not be purchased. Consider training, are your staff trained adequately to operate the equipment involved?


Choosing your partner in power is not unlike choosing a car, you need to have confidence that if there is a failure or you require maintenance you have an expert team to provide a professional service, recognise potential problems and rectify any faults.


With over 60 years combined experience, JS Power Limited have the ability to provide all of the above alongside technical project management and other generator related services such as fuel polishing and load testing.


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