Thinking about your carbon footprint?

Bio-Diesel Generators

Thinking about your 
carbon footprint?

Get power security without the CO2 with an advanced biodiesel generator.

Biodiesel generators are a triumph of our times; they take a century of diesel engine development and make it clean, green and within your means. Ideal for environmentally conscious businesses and green applications.

With sizes ranging up to 500kVA

We have a comprehensive range of sizes, up to 500kVA, for various purposes: continuous power, standby power, industrial, commercial and residential. Biodiesel is more readily available than ever before, with suppliers across the country and delivery available nationwide. When choosing biodiesel, be sure to go with fuel that complies with the EN14214 standard to remain covered by our guarantee.

The benefits of a JS Power Generator

Built in the UK and CE approved, our Bio-Diesel Generators are an environmentally friendly power solution for your home or business

What you get as standard:

Galvanized steel

Fully powder coated our canopies and base frames are made to last!

CE Compliant

CE Compliant for sets sold within the UK – indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

Easy start system

Just press two buttons and it’s up and running. Easy!

International warranty

We offer full international warranties on all our products, just for that extra peace of mind.

Easy to use control panel

Our control panels have user friendly interfaces, so anyone can use it.

Ask about our
hybrid systems

We also provide Hybrid Products which can reduce co2 and save on costs. Our range of hybrid products offer demanding industrial applications that improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce environmental impact.

Innovative ideas for various sectors, Hybrid power solutions are ideal for Construction, Agriculture, Telecoms, Festivals & Events, Industrial sites and Community Aid. Whether urban or remote our clean energy solutions provide independence from the grid, back up in the event of power failure and energy storage to support solar and wind installations in the UK and internationally.

Case Studies

Social Housing

Biodiesel Processing Plant

Generator Remote Monitoring Project

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