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Social Housing

Our client wanted a backup generator in order to help their customers. As a social and community housing company they needed to power their data centre in case of a mains failure.

We were asked to provide a 250kVA Diesel Generator to work with the existing switchgear and transfer panel already on their site. Working with the client, we supplied exactly this but with an automatic start intelligent control panel and with the full remote monitoring package.

They wanted longer autonomy time than the standard 8-hour base tank. The generator also comes with a DEFRA compliant extended base tank which allows the client to run for longer in a power cut without the need to refuel.

Overall the equipment we installed is a 250 kVA Prime Rated Diesel Generator Set, an extended bunded base tank, Insight Control Panel, On board coolant heater & integral battery charger and NetBiter Remote Monitoring Device.

For more information on our diesel generator range feel free to browse our website or call our team on 01482 222 565.

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