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Generator Refurbishment

Maximise the life of your Diesel or Biodiesel Generator, with comprehensive refurbishment assessments that could save you money.

New or Renew?

Rather than buy a new diesel or biodiesel generator, it may be more cost effective to have it professionally refurbished. We offer a refurbishment service which is tailored to each individual needs for existing generators. A complex generator refurbishment service can be carried out in the JS Power workshop and a hire generator sourced during the refurbishment.

Depending on the operational requirements which have been identified after a site survey and discussion with our client, refurbishment may include any of the following:

  • Repaint
  • Genset rewiring
  • Engine overhaul
  • Acoustic upgrades
  • Fuel system upgrades
  • Coolant heater upgrades
  • Alternator rewind / refurbishment
  • Cooling system flushed / cleaned
  • Electronic control and switchgear upgrades
  • Bio-Diesel conversion to manufacturers recommendations
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There is also an option to upgrade control panels to the latest technology to make the generator more responsive and efficient.

Canopy and enclosure refurbishment including lighting and any other electrical upgrades can also be carried out. Contact us either via the email or telephone shown below to discuss how we can help you.