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Installation & Commissioning

We can professionally install, configure and connect generators to your business premises with our expert installation and commissioning service.


Ensure that your generator is safely and professionally installed, configured and connected to your business premises with expert installation and commissioning from JS Power Limited.

Packaging & Delivery

We take great courtesy when packaging and delivering our generators. Every generator sold will be delivered in an extra thick polythene heat shrink wrap. This ensures your new generator is delivered to you looking brand-new in top quality condition. A layer of polystyrene can be added to the generators if long distance travelling is required, or on occasion a crate can be requested. If offloading is available, we will deliver your generator using a curtainsider or flatbed, however if you do not have access to offloading, we will deliver your generator using a Hiab. 


Generators need to be installed in the right way to ensure that they perform correctly and safely, and are ready to supply you with the power you need when your mains supply is interrupted.

With extensive experience installing generators of all sizes in a full range of different locations, our team will complete all work quicklyefficiently and to the highest standards, whilst minimising disruption and downtime.


Every building is different from a voltage point of view, and every generator/backup power setup is different. It’s vital that your generator is properly commissioned to ensure that it works safely and effectively.

After installation, our trained engineers will check over your generator, setting it up and customising the equipment to meet the individual requirements of your business premises, before thoroughly testing the setup.

You will be supplied with a uniquely designed CD Rom which holds all relevant information regarding your generator, including necessary manuals and drawings.

Our commissioning service includes:

  • Generator compliance testing
  • Protecting equipment
  • Analysing and configuring
  • Synchronising with the grid
  • Providing a full, end-to-end service
  • We will work closely with your team on-site to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Download: Installing a Generator

generator maintenance, generator service, bespoke generators


generator maintenance, generator service, bespoke generators

1250kva Installation

generator maintenance, generator service, bespoke generators
generator maintenance, generator service, bespoke generators