How to Maximise the Life of Your Generator

Diesel generators are a vital, high-performance power supply to businesses worldwide whether they are continuous, standby or backup, so it’s important that they are able to reliably provide power to your company when you need it most.

As a provider of bespoke generators across the UK and internationally, we understand the importance of having the right power solution, but how do you ensure that it will always be there to fall back on should your business need it?

Choose a Quality Generator 

First things first, choosing high quality equipment with approved parts will stop you from walking into a trap of power failures and costly repairs which can damage your business. As the leading supplier of generators in the UK, we only provide generators which are ‘Made In Britain’, CE approved and DEFRA compliant.

Our bespoke generators are designed to your exact requirements using top of the range components from well established brands like Scania and Perkins. This ensures you have the perfect power solution without having to adapt your business around it.

If something does go wrong, our diesel powered generators are supplied with a warranty, and our in-house fully trained engineers will come to you to deal with any generator repairs or issues.

Generator Servicing

The complexity of your generator makes generator maintenance carried out by qualified engineers a must. As a generator supplier who supports you before, during and after the sale, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services:

Load Bank Testing – Annual generator load tests will help identify any potential problems in advance, analysing the performance of your equipment and providing you with a full health check report. This gives you the peace of mind that any issues with your generator will be noticed and addressed, extending its service life.

Fuel Polishing – Degraded and contaminated fuel has disastrous effects on the lifespan of your diesel generator and can cause irreparable damage. This can be easily avoided with fuel polishing, which removes impurities from old fuel making it safe for use again.

Thermal Imaging  – Many generator issues including pipe blockages, leaks and wear are difficult to spot on your own, but with thermal imaging we can monitor the internal components using infra-red. If any internal issues are highlighted, we can provide preventative maintenance to keep your generator in peak condition.

All of these generator services are essential for keeping your equipment in good working order, maximising its overall lifespan. To simplify your generator maintenance, we offer competitively priced maintenance contracts which include access to your own portal where you can see detailed service reports.

What’s more, we can watch over your equipment 24/7 with real-time remote monitoring, so if we spot any problems we can proactively fix them. If you have any questions about our generator services or would like more advice on increasing the life of your generator, please call us on 01482 222 565.

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