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Major Service For Revived Generator

load bank testing, bespoke generator, generator maintenance

GENERATOR –  Ringrose Diesel 40kVA | 415/240v
London, UK | Major Service (pictures above show generator before servicing and repairs)

Following on from our news ‘GENERATOR REVIVAL’…..

This allows easier access to all the coolant hoses that were perished and required replacing. Over prolonged time rubber hoses can become hardened and cracked causing leaks and overheating problems. 

The fan belt was replaced and correctly adjusted. A new 1kW coolant heater and heater hoses were fitted and tested. Whilst the radiator guards were off the radiator matrix was cleared of debris. After all the required work was completed all the previous safety guards were put back together and checked for security. 

The cooling system was flushed several times, this helped remove all the built-up sludge and debris from the engine cooling galleries and radiator, ensuring the efficiency of the cooling system and restoral to a good condition. The engine was run to enable the oil to warm up to a temperature which allows easier removal of particles suspended in the oil. 

REPLACEMENTS – Engine oil, oil filters along with fuel filters, one of which incorporated a water separator. 

Oil leaks on the oil gallery plugs were rectified. A visual inspection inside the alternator was carried out. This checked the condition of the load cable connections and associated wiring. If there had been any evidence of damp or debris in the alternator enclosure then electrical tests are recommended on the alternator windings to prove insulation and continuity are within manufacturers standards.

Alongside the comprehensive check of the generator and control system in accordance with the JS Power service schedule, a 100kW load bank was connected to the generator output circuit breaker and the work area cordoned off to ensure health and safety. A 2-hour load test of 32kW was carried out to prove the engine governing, load acceptance and alternator voltage control acceptance. The load test applied a resistive load to the generator. This kW load at 1.0pf loaded the engine up to its maximum operating capacity proving the speed control and checking the cooling system efficiency. 

Note: If a full rating load test is required then the load bank must be capable of supplying a power factor loading at 0.8pf using inductors as well as resistors. This will also test the full operating parameters of the alternator excitation and control. All engine and alternator parameters are recorded including air temperatures in the load test report.

Engine and alternator thermal images were taken this allowed the Engineer to diagnose any potential cooling issues. This data was also included in the final report given to the customer.
The 2 hour load test was completed with no issues. The operating procedures were explained to the site maintenance personnel along with advice to carry out frequent tests of the generator. 

This generator was fully restored, left in automatic mode and should now continue for many years, doing the task it was designed to do – it will allow the generator to start and supply the sites waste pumps automatically during future power failures and therefore prevent the flooding of waste into the cellars.

Pictures shown below: Completion of major service and repairs


load bank testing, bespoke generator, generator maintenance

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