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Our 100kVA Diesel Generators

When looking for a generator, we provide a range of top-quality Diesel & Bio-diesel generators. Our entire range are coated in a galvanised steel canopy, with a base frame & viewing window for easy control panel reading.

Our generators also come with sealed canopies to allow no water ingress into the canopy, as well as a lube oil drain valve which is piped directly to the base frame for easy servicing and no spillage of oil inside the canopy/bund.

A coolant drain valve is piped directly to the base frame to allow quick and easy coolant changes during service visits. The control panel wiring also has separate AC (orange)/DC (White) colour coded wires with individual printed identification along with the whole of the cable. The generators also have a breaker compartment with plenty of access for load cables.

All of our generators are DEFRA Compliant Bund Alarm (UK Legislation) with gland plate entry which is through the base frame for easy cable installation and plenty of room for the load cables. There is also a recessed external emergency stop button, which is fully weatherproof with no external cables.

Our 100kVA Generators

The 100kVA generators are of a high-quality, reliable and come as a complete power unit. They are fully engineered with a range of optional extras and accessories with easy start and maintenance. These generators are fully tested for load, controls and safety shutdown functions and come in a compact design.

For more information on our generator range, feel free to contact the team on 01482 222 565.



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