Why is Load Bank Testing Essential for your Generator

We hear many times ‘Load Testing’, what’s the point in that – my generator hardly ever runs?” but with winter approaching and more power is demanded from the grid it could mean more ‘power-cuts’ are experienced.

It is important to load test your standby generator, whether the engine runs daily, weekly or once a year, even a regular test on light load leaves the generator prone to faults incurred through under-use or neglect.

JS Power recently received a 45kVA Perkins set for refurbishment, and although this set had been running prime for the last 4 years on site, once stripped down there was surprisingly a lot of carbon build up within the engine.  This is due to light loading and the generator not being maintained at regular intervals.

Load testing ensures that, when it’s needed, your standby generator is in peak condition to bear the load of your power requirements. Diesel standby generators that are run rarely on light loads can over time, build up fuel deposits in parts of the engine, which may leave your standby generator with reduced output when it is needed in an emergency.

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generator service, generator maintenance, generator repairs
generator service, generator maintenance, generator repairs

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