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New 100kVA Multi Voltage and Frequency Diesel Generator

Special Requirements For Power Project

We were approached from a large multi-national company for advice on a particular generator requirement they had. Our client was very clear that the generator had to meet all UK legislation and a very strict testing procedure was required.


We provided a JSP100 model, 100kVA (80KW) fully bunded, purpose built prime rated 3-phase, 0.8pf diesel generator which ticked all the boxes on our clients list of requirements. This particular generator had a Frequency Selection Switch between 50Hz / 60Hz, hence whichever frequency is selected the control panel is automatically programmed to set the generator protection settings and parameters.

Equipment Provided
  • Perkins 1104C-44TAG2 Fuel Optimised Engine
  • Newage Stamford Prime Rated Alternator
  • Voltage Trim Pot (Control Panel Mounted)
  • 50/60HZ Selectable Switch
  • Electronic Governor
  • DEFRA compliant fully bunded base fuel tank (UK Legal Requirement)
  • DEFRA compliant bund leakage alarm (UK Legal Requirement)
  • Powder coated, galvanised steel sound attenuated canopy
  • 230V Engine Coolant Heater
  • 230/12V Static Battery Charger
  • Insight 3250 Control Panel
  • CE Certification

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